Project description and objectives

The Me-project will develop systemic approaches to increase self-employment among migrants by entrepreneurial training and follow up. The project will develop and share methods and tools for successful training and follow up activities, including how to motivate and build self-confidence for entrepreneurship.

As a result of the project, some participant migrants will be self-employed and many mores will have an increased awareness of the opportunities that exist to such tailor training. The positive effects of training will likely motivate local and regional authorities to give this opportunity so even more migrants can undertake training. For trainers and tutors the project will help them to improve their methods in planning and working with entrepreneurship training and follow up activities.

In order to achieve longer term benefits, the project’s methodology is centered around a close cooperation with all stakeholders, such as governmental education and employment institutions, innovation institutions and migrant organizations. The professional network of the project partners aims to create a network where one reaches as many potential participants as possible in a given region and show how it is possible to work together in order to be self-employed.